Values & Superpowers

How do we want to work?

Purpose Cards enable you to intuitively reflect and identify your individual values and superpowers. Teams may use the cards to better understand the different personalities, working styles and strengths present in their group, thereby fostering understanding and a positive team culture.


Reflection and team building

How do we want to work? Reflecting on individual and shared values ​​and strengths is the foundation for working together in teams and provides orientation in a rapidly changing working world. Research shows that people who know, use and develop their values ​​and superpowers are more motivated, productive and satisfied.

Fostering good conversations

We've designed the Purpose Cards values and superpower decks to facilitate good conversations about these sometimes tricky subjects. You may use the two card decks together or individually:

Values: What's important to you?

Superpowers: What are you really good at?

For teams, coaches, HR professionals, executives and yourself

Depending on the objective, the Purpose Cards may be used in different ways: Reflect your personal values ​​and superpowers or use the cards to get to know your team better.

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»We use the Purpose Cards in our team development to help us learn more about what drives and motivates us.«

Khalil Bawar - Head of EspaceLab, Swiss Post

»In our job interviews we use the Purpose Cards to discover if the values of our candidates align with our company culture.«

Ricarda Schlegel – Head of Human Resources, Startnext

»The Purpose Cards are simple, fast and incredibly effective. I used the cards to reflect my own values ​​and then used them in kick-off meetings with my project team and clients. In all these contexts, important and good discussions quickly ensued.«

Lucy — Sustainability Director, Accenture Song