Team Superpowers Portrait: Make the invisible visible

The Purpose Cards Team Superpowers Portrait

At Studio Für Morgen, we have developed a number of card decks to facilitate reflection and conversations about things that matter. The latest edition helps individuals and teams reflect upon their strengths and determine what their superpowers are.

As a next step, it can be extremely valuable for teams to make these superpowers and preferred ways of working visible to everyone. We have designed a free worksheet for these purposes, which you can download and print below or fill out using your favourite online collaboration tool (we have templates available for Figma and Miro).

Fostering happy, successful teams

The Team Superpowers Portrait is a simple worksheet to help teams better understand the different personalities, working styles and strengths present in their group.

Knowing how co-workers like to work and what they’re really good at allows teams to improve collaboration and involve team members in a more targeted fashion. It also shortens the learning curve for new employees or recent additions to the team. Acting as a user manual for each team member, the strengths profile fosters understanding and psychological safety, a key ingredient for happy, successful teams.

Template for Miro, Figma & print-at-home

Simply download and print the worksheet or duplicate the Figma/Miro template and have each team member fill out the available fields. Feel free to customise the Team Superpowers Portrait and use it to express your personality. Set up a session for each team member to talk through their profile to make it come to life and foster an even stronger understanding.

Open Superpowers Portrait in Miro

Open Superpowers Portrait in Figma

Don’t know what your superpowers are?

If you’re unsure what your individual superpowers are, you can use our Values & Superpowers Team Kit to find out. Various exercises help you identify your core values and true superpowers in an intuitive and playful way.