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Purpose Cards are intuitive physical and digital tools for teams to facilitate reflection, trigger important conversations and improve collaboration.

Our digital kit for teams

Surfacing values and superpowers

For resilient teams and personal reflection

Playful and effective

»We use the Purpose Cards in our team development to help us learn more about what drives and motivates us.«

Khalil Bawar – Head of EspaceLab, Swiss Post

»In our job interviews we use the Purpose Cards to discover if the values of our candidates align with our company culture.«

Ricarda Schlegel – Head of HR, Startnext


»The Purpose Cards are easy-to-use, quick and incredibly impactful. I used them to reflect on my own values, for my project team, then with a larger client kick-off. And with all of these different lenses we were able to get to important discussions in a very quick way.«

Lucy — Growth Markets Sustainability Director, Accenture Song

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