Values are becoming increasingly important in the modern workplace: three in four people would not apply to a company unless its values aligned with their own personal values (Glassdoor study, 2019). This is related to current developments in the world of work, such as the growing importance of purpose, self-organisation, digitalisation and collaboration in teams.

In our workshop we will take a closer look at these topics and try to answer the following questions: What motivates you? Which values are important to you? How can we best work together in a team? Using the Purpose Cards we reflect which values are most important for you, for your colleagues and for your team as a whole.



  • Significance of values in organisations
  • Impact of values on your motivation
  • Current developments and the rising importance of values


  • Personal reflection using the Purpose Cards
  • Storytelling in groups
  • Connecting personal and organisational values

The workshop has been designed for:

  • Teams that want to improve how they work together
  • Organisations undergoing transformation
  • Purpose organisations


Anna Theil, Co-Founder Studio Für Morgen
As Communications Director and COO, Anna has been involved in the development of the crowdfunding platform Startnext since 2010, which has successfully financed over 7,000 projects and start-ups to date. She gives workshops, is a jury member for innovation competitions and co-wrote the Crowdfunding Handbook.

Nicolas Greiff, Co-Founder Studio Für Morgen
Nicolas has been working as a Designer in digital agencies, startups and global businesses for more than ten years. He brings his in-depth experience in collaborative design and facilitation to Studio Für Morgen.


Half day

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