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The Purpose Cards Sustainability Team Kit (currently only available in German) is designed to support you in making your team or business more sustainable: initiate important conversations, understand your leverage points, develop solutions together and decide where to start.


For a sustainable and future-proof economy

How may businesses and organisations operate more sustainably? Even if we are aware of the urgency of that question, it's not always easy to initiate change and take action — especially in businesses where many people with different perspectives work together.

Making businesses more sustainable is a complex and multi-layered challenge that affects the entire organisation and requires the cooperation of people from different disciplines, who consider and enact the necessary changes in their daily work.

30 key questions organisations need to ask themselves right now

With this Team Kit we want to support you in coming together as a team in order to learn about sustainability and start working on solutions for your organisation.

The insights, questions and ideas in the kit are the distillation of intensive research and many interviews and tests with industry and sustainability experts. The primary focus of this edition is on ecological sustainability.

The Purpose Cards consist of two parts that you can use together or independently in workshops:

❶ Create a shared understanding

❷ Develop ideas and take action

Use the cards to build a shared knowledge base, initiate discussions and develop a sustainability strategy that will be carried forward by as many people as possible within your organisation. Foster ownership on an individual and on a collective level, prioritise measures and take the first important steps towards more sustainability.

For teams, coaches, managers and employees

The Team Kit is for people in businesses and institutions who want to take steps towards more sustainability in their organisation. The organisation may be large or small, a start-up or an established company, developing products or services, working in an educational context or in the non-profit sector: We have designed the Team Kit to be as open as possible. Let's begin!

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»Sustainability is not a task for specialists, because it can only succeed if everyone recognises their part and contributes to finding solutions. The journey begins by opening a space for new thoughts.«

Kai Hartmann - Sustainability Business Partner, IKEA Germany

Photo: André Grohe for IKEA

»The Purpose Cards are a great tool for tackling sustainability as a team. The questions helped us understand which aspects of sustainability are actually relevant for our company.«

Natalija Krasnoperova - Founder, Studio HILO

»Whether your organization is already well on its way to becoming more sustainable, or you're just starting out, Purpose Cards provide great conversation openers. They'll help you address a sometimes fraught topic in a fun way!«

Tanya Wiedeking, Climate Communications Specialist