How to find out what's important to you

This is how you can use the Purpose Cards to find out what you value most at the moment.

Before you start, take a moment to define the context within which you want to reflect your values. This could be your current workplace, your future dream job, your team or a personal project. Your key values might differ depending on context.

1. Sort

Place the Priority Cards—Very Important, Important and Not Sure—in front of you. Go through each Value Card and place it below the Priority Card that feels right for you. Trust your intuition, this round should be fast!

2. Reflect

Now focus on the values you considered Very Important. Go through each of these cards and take a moment to reflect on what they mean to you and if you consider them absolutely essential.

3. Refine

Narrow down the cards from the Very Important pile until only 3-5 Value Cards remain. These are your key values.

After the session

Make it tangible

Think about the contexts in which you are already living your values and areas where you see room for improvement. Write down real examples and situations in which your key values play an important role.

Talk about it

Discuss your values with your friends and colleagues. What is important to you and how it affects you and others will become even clearer through conversation.

Live your values

Knowing and understanding your values will make everyday decisions easier. Write down your key values and take them with you as a little reminder.