Understanding your superpowers

Superpower cards for resilience and teamplay

Our Purpose Cards Superpowers deck supports you in finding your true superpowers. Reflect your personal strengths or use the cards to get to know your colleagues better. Reflecting your superpowers usually only takes 10-15 minutes, but we recommend you find a quiet place and make sure you can really focus on the exercise. Here’s how to get started:

Find your superpowers in 3 steps

1. Sort
Ask yourself: What am I (very) good at? Go through the superpower cards and intuitively sort them into the two categories (or put them aside if not relevant).

2. Reflect
Now focus on the cards in the Very good pile. Reflect on which of these are your true superpowers by answering the following questions: What gives you energy? What do others appreciate about you?

3. Refine
Continue discarding cards from the Very good pile until you have found your 3-5 superpowers. If you feel like one of your superpowers is missing from the deck, feel free to add it using a post-it.

And then? Next Steps

Make your superpowers tangible

We recommend you bring the words written on your superpower cards to life. Make them more tangible and targeted to your individual situation using the following questions: Which specific settings have allowed you to make the best use of your superpowers? Which upcoming projects are you particularly looking forward to based on your superpowers? In which specific situations have you received feedback on your strengths from colleagues?


Apply your superpowers

How can you tailor your work even more to your superpowers? Do you have strengths that you are not putting to proper use yet? Spend some time thinking through these questions, set yourself goals or take classes to train your strengths. Make sure to gather outside feedback regularly to gain an even better understanding of what you’re really good at.


Make your superpowers visible

Knowing what people are really good at allows teams to improve collaboration and involve team members in a more targeted fashion. It is therefore essential to make everyone’s superpowers visible to the entire team. We have designed a free Team Superpowers worksheet for Miro and Figma that you can use to share strengths and ways of working among your team.