Talking purpose with Geil Montag

We were very excited to be invited to the Geil Montag podcast studio, as we ourselves have been fans for a long time. Paul Berg (founder of Good Jobs) and Lasse Kroll (founder of Cuckoo) meet with people for whom purpose is more important than money and talk to them about their personal history.

How Startnext, Studio Für Morgen and the Purpose Cards came to be...

In the interview Anna Theil talks about the history of Startnext, as well as the development of crowdfunding in German-speaking countries, important projects and start-ups, changes in our working culture and the importance of values, as well as the creation of Studio Für Morgen and our experiences with the Purpose Cards. Enjoy listening!

You can listen to the podcast on Souncloud, Spotify or at Apple podcasts.