How and when to use the Values deck

Personal reflection

    What motivates me? Understanding your values more thoroughly can be helpful for your personal development, your career or your search for a new challenge. We recommend writing down your thoughts after the exercise and talking them through with others.

    • Time: 15 min + 15 min for reflection
    • Participants: 1 person

    Coaching Sessions, Reviews & Interviews

      What matters to my counterpart and how can we best collaborate? Use the Values deck to find out what the other person cares about, if these values resonate with the position, the business and your expectations and how you can best work together.

      • Time: 15 min + 15 min discussion
      • Participants: 2-3 people

      Teambuilding Sessions

        Which values unite us as a team? Define values for your team by first having all members go through the Values exercise by themselves, then compare and contrast the findings. The values with the most matches across your team are your key team values.

        • Time: 15 min + 2 h discussion
        • Participants: 3-6 people