How to use our Miro Workshop Templates

Our Purpose Cards Miro Team Kit gives you access to two templates for the online whiteboarding tool Miro, so you can use the cards in your next remote workshop to find your team’s core values and superpowers.

Miro is a powerful and easy-to-use virtual collaboration tool and setting up a space for your workshop session only takes a few minutes. Here's how to get started:


Open Miro templates

1. Open Miro templates In your order confirmation email you’ll find two links: one for the Values template, one for the Superpowers template. Enter the passwords provided in the email to access the Miro boards.

2. Duplicate boards In order to be able to edit the boards and use them in your workshop, you’ll have to duplicate them first—this creates a copy of the board in your own account. Click on the name of the board (e.g. Purpose Cards SUPERPOWERS — Digital Workshop Template) to find the Duplicate button.

3. Create a free Miro account If you don’t have an account yet, Miro will ask you to sign up once you click the Duplicate button. The free plan allows you to work with 3 editable boards.

4. Share Miro board You now have a personal copy of the template, meaning only you are able to make edits. Use the Share button at the top right of the screen to invite others to your board.

5. Run team workshop In order to run a Purpose Cards workshop with your team, make sure to give editing rights to everyone when you invite them. We recommend using the Invite to team and board option in the share popup, making sure to select Can edit from the dropdown. Once all team members have signed up using this link you’re ready to start your workshop!

After all team members have reflected on their values and superpowers, make sure to spend some time zooming in on everybody's outcome and give them the space to share and discuss what they’ve learned.

We hope you enjoy using the Purpose Cards Miro Team Kit and are excited to hear your feedback!