Purpose Cards are out now!

We are very excited to share what we've been working on now that the first edition of the Purpose Cards has left the printing press.

How it all started

Values are becoming increasingly important in the modern workplace: three in four people would not apply to a company unless its values aligned with their own personal values (Glassdoor study, 2019). And while more and more companies are reviewing and defining their values, personal values often remain a blind spot.

After experiencing this first-hand while working in startups and agencies, we decided to get together and develop a tool to surface and stimulate conversations about values in an intuitive, playful way.

Why values matter

Values provide orientation for our own life and work, as well as for organisations as a whole through workplace culture. Surfacing our values and the values of people around us facilitates important conversations and encourages mutual understanding. Conversations about values help us find clarity, develop our potential, collaborate well with others and make more informed decisions.

Sparking important conversations

The Values deck is a tool for individuals, coaches, team leaders and organisations that want to reflect on their values and improve how they work together. In the deck, you’ll find 20 Value Cards that help you to intuitively and quickly think about and prioritise your values. Following three simple steps, the goal of the exercise is to surface the 3–5 core values that orientate your life and work.

Use the Values Deck to clarify what’s important to you in work and life, stimulate important conversations about values, understand what motivates your team and improve collaboration in your organisation.

Use it for yourself, for job interviews, for employee reviews or for coaching sessions. For teams, the deck can spark valuable conversations about individual and shared values and lead to improved collaboration.