Reflecting values with remote teams

When we developed the digital version of our Purpose Cards Values Deck, we wanted to make sure that you can use it with all the benefits that the physical experience of the cards brings. That’s why we’ve included a simple print-at-home kit, which only takes a few minutes to put together and comes very close to using the original deck.

But we were also aware that, especially in light of the current situation, many of you needed a way to use the cards digitally and with remote teams — and thankfully there are great tools out there that allow you to do just that. Some of you have already shared with us how you’ve used the deck with your team and we wanted to highlight one approach that we think works particularly well.

Using the Purpose Cards with Mural and Miro

Miro and Mural are two powerful and easy-to-use virtual collaboration tools with similar functionalities. Setting up a space for your remote values session only takes a few minutes — all you need to do is drop all the individual card images from your Purpose Cards Values Kit onto a new Miro or Mural whiteboard and create headlines for the priorities. Here’s how that could look like:

Now you can reflect on your priorities and move cards around just like you would with the physical deck. Plus, your whole team can do the exercise at the same time, on the same board. Once everyone is done, you can zoom in on each team member’s outcome and give them the space to share and discuss what they’ve learned.

How are you using the Values Kit?

We have already received some great feedback from people using the cards with their team. We would love to hear about the ways in which you’re using the cards, virtually or in person.

P.S. We offer multi-license discounts for larger companies — if you are interested in licensing the Values Kit for use within your organisation, please send us an email.